Facing financial difficulties that become overwhelming can be extremely distressing, but there are legal options like bankruptcy to stop harassment by creditors and bill collectors. It is possible to deal with even the most unmanageable debt problems if you seek advice from an experienced San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer.

Attorney Marco Torres

Clients with severe debt problems are welcomed to the Law Office of Marco A. Torres, in San Diego, CA. Marco has helped hundreds of clients protect assets, eliminate debt and eventually re-establish good credit afterwards. It takes hard work and Attorney Marco Torres is willing to help clients manage their most difficult financial matters.

San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer

Going bankrupt can offer you a fresh start and a clean slate. You may also be able to negotiate a payment plan in some cases. Meanwhile, isn’t it time to consider bankruptcy measures for your personal or business financial situation? With help from this San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer, you can stop those harassing calls, foreclosures, wage garnishments and discharge your debts legally.

Bankruptcy Options Can Help

You have several ways to deal with a crushing debt load and to protect your assets under bankruptcy laws. Attorney Marco Torres will discuss the bankruptcy options that would best help your situation, including:

  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 13

Marco provides many other types of legal representation to his clients, including real estate, tax and business, civil or personal injury litigation services.

Bankruptcy offers relief to individuals and business owners. It is a valid legal option and an opportunity for you to start over and do better without constant harassment from creditors. To discuss how bankruptcy can offer you relief from serious financial debts, contact the Law Office of Marco Torres, in San Diego, CA. Start your financial recovery by calling him at 619-849-8849.